Be protected and get every dollar back

Insurance doesn't need to be something you pay for and the premiums are gone forever. There is away to be protected and get every dollar you spend back too.

Individual & Family
Individual & Family

Having the right insurance in place at the right time for both Individuals and families is life changing. It’s more urgent than you may think.

Group Benefits
Group Benefits

Together we will figure out what is best for your business! World class service with the benefits you want at the best pricing possible. We make sure your plan is sustainable today and in the future.

Insurance Education
Insurance Education

For some people insurance is a whole new language. I provide insurance education for individuals, couples, families, or groups in a safe and caring environment.

The Process

It all starts with a phone call!

I want to hear about you, learn about your family, your story and why you are considering insurance. From here, I will offer information on insurance options that may meet your needs and goals. As I begin to understand your circumstances and story, I will share my sense of what options would be in your best interest long-term.

When you have had a chance to process the options that most interest you, I will then gather the information needed to put together the right quotes and or people. This can sometimes happen during the first phone call or in a subsequent call.

We discuss and review the specific details of your preferred policy options including what the cost and/or investment will be. Depending on where you live this can either be in person or over the phone.

We will fill out a questionnaire together. Depending on what you want to apply for we need anywhere from 30 – 60 minutes to complete your application. This usually happens over the phone.

The insurance company may need to send a nurse to gather samples from you, for example, blood, urine and blood pressure. As well, they may need a doctor’s report if there is any medical concern. This part of the process can increase waiting times if we are waiting for you to schedule with the nurse (who will come to you at your most convenient time and place) or if we are waiting for a doctor to fill out paperwork requested by the insurance company. Sometimes further medical tests can be required, and applications are on hold until such tests are completed.

A decision is made by the insurance company about whether you are insurable as well as what premiums you will pay. I receive the policy from the insurance company and give it to you to sign. This can be in person or via email.

Once you accept your policy your premium payments begin. Your first payment will be calculated from the day you were accepted for insurance.

The process can be as simple as this. However, it is my heart’s desire to make sure every individual is making a choice they fully understand and feel comfortable with. I want you to be confident and excited about your insurance! This may mean we have many conversations at different points in the process. I do not earn any more or any less depending on how much time I spend with you. My mission is to help people, and I am happy to have as many conversations as you need in order to feel confident and really great about the decision you are making!


Johanna provides quality assurance when dealing with clients. Her friendly attitude and knowledge makes you feel very confident in any decision being made. Johanna is always willing to help in any way she can! She’s definitely one of a kind. I would highly recommend her to anyone!
Alicia Boisvert Owner, Real Deal Meats Ltd.
Johanna is very knowledgable about insurance products and she recommended the best fitting insurance for my personal needs as well as my business' group benefits. She is trustworthy and deeply cares about her clients. Once you work with her you will never look elsewhere.
Sunny Prihar Owner, PR Associates
We thought we had good individual insurance in place, having Johanna look over it was the best thing we did! She replaced it all with better coverage and at a better price, both for us and our children. We are thankful we have an advocate who truly looks out for our best interest.
Keltie & Andre De Champlain
It was a pleasure to deal with Johanna for my insurance needs. Johanna and her team set me up with comprehensive coverage. I highly recommend contacting her for both personal and business needs.
Ralph Colistro Owner, Colistro Law
We appreciate Johanna's excellent service & professionalism she provided us with regarding our life insurance policy. Her knowledge & explanations of all the different options was key to help us make the right decision. We only wish we could have had that information at a younger age.
Chantal & Louis Boutin
Alicia Boisvert
Sunny Prihar
Keltie & Andre De Champlain
Ralph Colistro
Chantal & Louis Boutin