Disability Insurance

The average person who is busy working towards their career, family, or personal goals and keeping up with daily life commitments may find it hard to imagine that an unexpected event could interrupt all of one’s plans. While certain risks can be reduced or managed through lifestyle, diet and smart choices, the truth is that none of us are truly free from risk of an unforeseen accident, injury or major illness. In fact, the odds are that about 1 in 4 people will become disabled for more than 90 days before they turn 65.

Our ability to earn an income is one of our greatest assets throughout our working lifetime- would you insure an asset that’s worth $2,000,000? A conservative estimate of one’s average earnings of $45,571 in Canada, adjusted for 2.5% wage inflation each year for 30 years equals $2,008,154.

How do the bills get paid when you can’t work? Disability insurance works when you can’t and can give you monthly income to keep life going while you recover. The problem is, relying on programs like EI, CPP, WCB, and even certain group or individual plans may not be enough to cover your needs. The quality of a disability contract is in the fine print and navigating the waters blindly can lead to catastrophic outcomes like unpaid claims, insufficient coverage or reduced benefit amounts. The risks of uninformed decisions are too great to ignore.

I am here to help, connected with and bringing to you some of the best Disability experts available in my network. Our approach is to educate you and through comprehensive consultation, find the best disability coverage options available for you in the Canadian marketplace.