Insurance Education & Consulting

For some people this insurance conversation is a whole new language. For others there is some basic understanding but perhaps not strong clarity around exactly what insurance products they have or could have and how it all works. Some may have a greater knowledge base regarding this topic but lack a trusting relationship with an insurance broker for deeper discussions about their intimate life circumstances around health and finances. Others may think “no way, insurance is a waste of money” and don’t want to discuss it at all. Everyone in this list could benefit from some insurance education from someone they trust and feel comfortable with. My aim is to provide a place where these conversations can happen in a safe and caring environment.

I provide insurance education for individuals, couples, families, or groups. At times my insurance education is offered as a value-added service to those who have signed up for group or individual benefits.  My specific areas of expertise are life insurance and critical illness insurance. I provide information on what insurance products are offered by different companies, what are the benefits of these different products, and by drawing on experience in the field, which products offer the highest value. I also educate on how both life insurance and critical illness insurance can be used as savings tools that improve your financial well-being, even making you money! I offer introductory education on these topics at no cost.

If you are considering a group insurance education session, there may be opportunity to partner with other educators to educate your group on more than one topic. For example, I can provide education on life and critical illness insurance while bringing another expert to speak to disability insurance.

Other possibilities include: group benefit plan designs, investments, financial therapy, grief and trauma counselling, company culture, marketing and a holistic approach to physical health and wellness both individually and in the workplace. This can work especially well for employers wanting to create opportunities for social connection and relationship building among employees while providing valuable education.

If you are interested in educational opportunities don’t hesitate to contact me to begin a conversation.