Conscious Collective

Everyone I’ve met that has a heart and spirit of wanting to better our communities and our world by what they do will be celebrated and shared on this page. Those listed here are all people I have experienced as working with authenticity, integrity, honesty, with a genuine love for what they do and the people they work with. Coming together as a collective allows us to raise awareness of each other. These are people who do what they do for a reason and want to make a difference for you. Many of these people also offer education in their fields of expertise. All of our consciousness is raised when we choose to educate ourselves, expanding both our skills and self-awareness through shared learning. If you need a service in a specific field or are interested in educational opportunities, I suggest you reach out to those listed here.

Atef Design

Atef Design creates interactive websites that are easy for visitors to use and easy for clients to maintain. Based on your needs Atef Design can provide branding and logo design, web development, and search engine optimization.

Sina Kia

Sina is a Senior Graphic Designer. Works well in collaboration with Atef Design for website projects. Sina is also experienced in producing good quality print designs and brochures.

Ralph Colistro

Colistro Law is a dynamic law firm whose mission is to deliver results and provide an outstanding client experience. We specialize in Wills and Estate Planning, Real Estate and Municipal Planning Law.

Dan Harrison

Dan Harrison helps coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs relieve financial stress and cash-flow problems so they can get out of debt, retire early and create more freedom in their life.

Paul and Rachel Wolters

Paul and Rachel Wolters work in collaboration with Concious Legacy and they special in offering group benefits